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Key Takeaways from the Westwood One Sports Sound Awards

Matt Gagliano February 21, 2018
Key Takeaways from the Westwood One Sports Sound Awards
In its fifth annual Sports Sound Awards, Westwood One used Veritonic to test the audio effectiveness of advertisers in their Super Bowl Broadcast to determine purchase intent and the feelings and emotions associated with the ad. Here’s what Veritonic client WWO found:
  • “Clothing, quick service restaurants, and auto aftermarket were the most likeable”
  • “Quick service restaurants, home improvement, and auto aftermarket scored high in trustworthiness”
  • “Great audio creative causes purchase desire”
  • “Millennials respond positively to great ads”
  • “Responses to ads differ between males and females while highest ranked categories were similar”
  • “Westwood One is the authority on effective creative”
Visit Westwood One's Blog to read the full analysis.
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