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March AdNess Finals Results

Andrew Eisner April 03, 2017
March AdNess Finals Results
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Finals Preview

In the final match, results are determined by Overall Scores. These overall scores are comprised of the Feelings and Emotions scores, as well as Veritonic’s proprietary alogrithms. Whichever ad has the higher Overall Score will be declared the first March Adness champion! Competing in this final match will be two ads that feature soulful hits from the 70s: Reese’s “Spring Song” with Marvin Gaye’s 1973 “Let’s Get it On”, and Capital One’s “Ringtone” ad with Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit “I Will Survive.” Will the sexy Reese’s ad win the tournament? Or will the star-studded Capital One ad take the win?

Reese’s vs. Capital One

Reeses began the match will with a strong showing among Females as Marvin Gaye intended. His catalog of seductive tunes were written to connect with the emotions of women.  The data confirms Reese's musical selection for this spot.  Female panelists gave Spring Song an 85 overall, while Males only gave it an 82. Interestingly, both ads performed better across the younger demographic (18-35) even though they both use songs from the 70s. Millennials gave the Reese’s ad an 85 overall, whereas the older demographic (36-55+) gave it a slightly lower (but still statistically significant) 82. By contrast, the Capital One ad performed significantly better with the younger demographic (84) than with the older segment. The older demographic, who are likely more familiar with the song, gave it a much lower score (77). Perhaps the older demographic is a little less enthusiastic about these songs since they’ve been exposed to them for a much longer amount of time? Overall, Reese’s scored better than Capital One across every single emotion and feeling except for Energetic, where the ads tied. Reese’s scored six points higher than Capital One on Happy, Inspiring, and Likable. These consistently high scores across all dimensions gave Reese’s a higher overall score: Veritonic March AdNess Final Scores Panelists were also more consistently Excited throughout the Reese’s ad than the Capital One spot.  Capital One’s “Ringtone” on the other hand was perceived as Happier throughout, including a strong “Happy” peak around the eleven second mark.

Emotions Throughout Reese's "Spring Song" Ad March AdNess Reese's Engagement Emotions Throughout Capital One's "Ringtone" Ad March AdNess Capital One Engagement

In the battle of Marvin Gaye vs. Gloria Gaynor, Marvin took the medal. The strong emotional appeal of the music in the Reese’s spot was able to provide tremendous emotional texture to a concept as simple as a chocolate bunny kissing a jar of peanut butter.  The Capital One spot also used music as a central part of its concept, but it clearly didn’t hit all of the emotional notes as well as Reese’s. Capital One certainly “survived”, but it didn’t “Get it on” quite like Reese’s. Reese’s took a four point lead with its overall score making it the first ever March Adness champion! Final score: Reese’s 84, Capital One 80 Champion: Veritonic March AdNess Champion Reese's

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