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March AdNess

Matt Gagliano March 16, 2017
March AdNess

You Can't Have A Big Dance Without Music!

Are you ready to rock? It’s that time of year, when the top teams from around the US compete in a vicious, single-elimination format that takes over television and makes otherwise uninterested folks fill out brackets. That’s right, it’s time to face the music. It’s... the Big Dance. Welcome to March AdNess! where advertisers square off to learn which ads -- and the music in them -- are most in tune with American consumers.
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Round 1 Feelings
  • Reese's83
  • LG81
  • Nabisco81
  • Unilever78
  • Infiniti79
  • Buick73
  • Allstate72
  • Northwestern Mutual64
Round 2 Emotions
  • Reese's85
  • Nabisco83
  • Infiniti79
  • Allstate77
Round 3 Purchase Intent
  • Reese's84
  • Infiniti74
Championship Overall Score
  • Reese's84
  • Capital One80


Round 3 Purchase Intent
  • Capital One75*
  • Coca-Cola75*
Round 2 Emotions
  • Capital One81
  • Wendy's79
  • Coca-Cola78
  • Pizza Hut77
Round 1 Feelings
  • Capital One79
  • Enterprise75
  • Marriott Rewards76
  • Wendy's77
  • AT&T74
  • Coca-Cola78
  • Pizza Hut77
  • Buffalo Wild Wings73
*Final Overtime Score: Capital One 84, Coca-Cola 73
Semifinal 2
Take(away) 2

With March AdNess 2017 now well in the rear view mirror, we wanted to look at some of the other big takeways from the tournament.

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Semifinal 2
Lessons From March AdNess

Sixteen ads from NCAA sponsors battled it out for the title of March AdNess champion. After a series of nail-biting matches, it...

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Semifinal 2
Championship Results

In the final match, results are determined by Overall Scores. These overall scores are comprised of the Feelings and Emotions scores.

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Semifinal 2
Semifinal Part 2 Results

In the semifinals, matches are decided by Purchase Intent: how likely are panelists to buy the good or service after being exposed to the ad?

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Semifinal 1
Semifinal Part 1 Results

In the semifinals, matches are decided by Purchase Intent: how likely are panelists to buy the good or service after being exposed to the ad?

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Round 2 Results

The remaining 8 NCAA corporate sponsors competed in the Round of Eight to see whose ads evoke Emotions most strongly.

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Round 1 Results

The initial matchup in the round of 16 features two humorous ads: Reese’s “Easter Peanut Butter Egg” and LG’s “Game On with ‘Mascots Knock‘”.

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Round of 16 Preview

16 powerful and creative ads from top NCAA sponsors like Coca-Cola and AT&T will face off to see whose ads evoke the most intense Feelings.

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Announcing March AdNess

Everyone’s talking about how teams in the NCAA match up. But what if the tournament’s sponsors competed, putting their ads in play?

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How The Tournament Works

Key ads from the sponsors of the NCAA were selected to represent each team. Each ad was exposed to a census-representative panel of 1422 American adults, 18-65. Veritonic’s patent-pending advertising and audio evaluation technology was used to capture Marketing Response Data to the audio and music of each video spot. Each company and ad was then put into a bracket, giving head-to-head matchups across four rounds: a round of sixteen challengers, then eight, then four, and we’ll see the National Champion crowned. The rounds will be held over the next two weeks, roughly in sync with another large tournament taking place across the United States.


Veritonic will be releasing round-by-round coverage. Our coverage will highlight the key matches, and we’ll capture all of the amazing highlights. There are sure to be huge matches, stunning upsets, and amazing highlights. Follow the coverage here, and get alerts and updates by following Veritonic on Twitter @veritonic_inc and Facebook. Or, sign up for email updates.
  • Round of 16: Monday 3/27, 2pm ET
  • Round of Eight: Tuesday 3/28, 2pm ET
  • Semifinals: match 1 Thursday 3/30 2pm ET, match 2 Friday 3/31 12pm ET
  • National Championship: Monday 4/3 2pm ET

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