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Round 3 Results Part 1

Andrew Eisner March 30, 2017
Round 3 Results Part 1
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Semifinals Overview

In the semifinals, matches are decided by Purchase Intent: how likely are panelists to buy the good or service after being exposed to the ad? In case of a tie, matches will be decided by the difference between intent pre- and post-exposure. Pre-exposure intent measures how a panelist feels about a brand before any exposure to a specific ad, while post-exposure intent (obviously) measures the intent after exposure.  The Semifinal matchups are:
  • Funny and Sexy vs. Inspiring and Emotional, with Reese’s Spring Song and Infiniti's "Hardwood Heroes: Unbustable" (Today, March 30)
  • Classy and simple music vs. music used as comedy, with Coca-Cola and Capital One (Friday, March 31)

Reese’s vs. Infiniti

The smart money had Reese’s taking this match, with Infiniti’s inspirational cancer survivors pushing it to the end, on the theory that the seductive sweets receive far more daily consideration than luxury automobiles. Inifiniti’s Hardwood Heroes did perform well: they pushed Infiniti to a remarkable 18-point swing in Purchase Intent! In spite of Infiniti’s improvement, it simply started with too big a deficit to overcome.  In fact, Reese’s jumped out to an early lead and never relinquished it, recording a 10-point win in Purchase Intent. The Reese’s spot worked particularly well with Tournament Watchers, who gave Reese’s an intent score that was two points higher than the general population score. Males and Females shared similar purchase intent for both brands. Purchase intent for Females was 1 point higher than Males for both brands. Millennials on the other hand had a Purchase Intent score for Reese’s that was three points higher than the older demographic (36-55+). Perhaps they have a bigger sweet tooth? Or those smooth jams really enticed them! The same demographic split played out with Infiniti, with the younger demo scoring the ad eight points higher than the older group. Final Score: Reese’s 84, Infiniti 74

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