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Round 3 Results Part 2

Andrew Eisner March 31, 2017
Round 3 Results Part 2
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Capital One vs. Coca-Cola

Marketing powerhouses Capital One and Coca-Cola gave us the tightest match yet of the tournament: after viewing the ad, Capital One’s spot featuring “I Will Survive” with Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley, Spike Lee, and surprise guest Gloria Gaynor, was TIED for Purchase Intent with Coca Cola’s Cinderella ad featuring a waltz. The referees huddled and went to the tie-breaker.  After careful review of the videotape and the data, they announced the results: after viewing the ads, intent to use Capital One went up nine points from prior to viewing the ad, whereas for Coca-Cola it went down two points! For Tournament Viewers, the post-exposure intent scores were much higher. Capital One had a post-exposure intent score of 84 while Coke had a post-exposure intent score of 83. Males showed a much stronger intent to purchase Coca-Cola than Females: eight points higher!  Males’ intent to purchase Capital One was also higher than females, but only by three points. Overall, females showed a small preference for the Capital One ad whereas the male demographic showed a preference for the Coca-Cola ad. The younger demographic gave both Coca-Cola and Capital One 80s for intent and the older demographic gave them both 72s. Final Overtime Score: Capital One 84, Coca-Cola 73

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