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Round of 16 Preview

Matt Gagliano March 24, 2017
Round of 16 Preview
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Round of 16 Preview

  16 powerful and creative ads from top NCAA sponsors like Coca-Cola and AT&T will face off to see whose ads evoke the most intense Feelings. This group of brands bring a diverse set of approaches to their advertising. The styles range from the intentionally comical, like Buffalo Wild Wing’s “Foodoo”, to Infiniti’s intense and serious “Hardwood Heroes,” to the matter-of-fact ads like Buick’s “Lacrosse 'Philly and Boston'”, to the completely music-centered Reese’s “Easter Peanut Butter Egg”.March Adness: Round of 16 Preview Stay tuned for highlights like:
  • The battle of CPG giants Nabisco and Unilever: find out whose ad is more playful!
  • Will the simple and romantic “Cinderella” ad from Coca-Cola defeat the comical “Parking Booth” AT&T ad?
  • Insurance giants Allstate and Northwestern Mutual match up: will Allstate’s Mayhem be more Energetic than Northwestern Mutual’s Thinking?
  • The Auto Crash: will Buick’s “Philly and Boston” spot be more Likable than Infiniti’s Hardwood Heroes?
  • And many more!
Scores in this round are an average of the feelings Energetic, Inspiring, Likable, Optimistic, Playful, and Unique. Whichever brand achieves the higher overall feelings score will move on to the Round of 8.

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