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A Style Guide for Sound

The nation's premier department store is using Veritonic to reach the ears of its target audience.

Since 1972, Burlington has expanded to over 550 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, harnessing advanced marketing and promotion to target the right customers.

Now, they’re working with Veritonic to help discover and measure the right sound for their customers.

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We test everything except the music because we never knew you could. Having relied solely on our agency for audio selection, Veritonic has provided us a platform that quickly and easily confirms the impact our music choices have on our target audience in a way we've never seen before!

— Warren Johnson
Vice President of Marketing


Burlington needed to select music for their upcoming TV spots to fit 4 key territories throughout the country.


2 Background Tracks currently being used in their Everyday and Holiday campaigns were benchmarked on performance.
5 Alternative Selections were discovered through our Audio Intelligence Platform.
3 Video Options were presented and measured using the original and the alternative tracks.

Real-time Emotional Response Data was analyzed to match several desired brand attributes:

  • Happy, Authentic, Celebratory, Independent, Inspiring, Spontaneous, and Welcoming

Burlington’s target audience consisted of test cells with census-representative distribution of:

  • Females 25-49,
  • Working mothers, HHI $45-$100k
  • A variety of nationalities and geographies


We were able to pinpoint the exact musical fit for each video option in all 4 territories, allowing Burlington Stores to achieve a significantly higher impact on brand memorability in their campaigns.

76% increase in online engagement across key demographics

Thousands of dollars in cost savings and countless hours of debate eliminated

20% higher emotional response score for the winning sound track

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