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The Sweet Sound of Success

The world’s premium chocolate brand is using Veritonic to reach the hearts and ears of its target audience.

Ghirardelli was one of the first American companies to understand and tap into the power of promotion. Starting in the late 1800s, they hired the best available artists and advertising experts to spread the Ghirardelli name and logo.

The famous Ghirardelli light bulb sign is now a historic landmark, and they’re working with Veritonic to help discover and measure their landmark sound.

Client Photo

We know we can be better and know we can be doing more with music. Can you help us find out what’s working and what’s not?

— Jinny Lam
Director of Marketing


Ghirardelli had 24 hours to decide which music was the best fit for two national TV spots.


5 Tracks that are current or alternate selections for the Heart and Rendezvous spots
4 Alternatives discovered by the Veritonic Platform
6 Video options tested to evaluate context and musical fit

Real-time Emotional response data analyzed across dimensions matching Ghirardelli’s desired brand attributes:

  • Happy, Relaxed, Authentic, Familiar, Modern, Upscale, Everyday, Optimistic, Vibrant, and Welcoming

Ghirardelli’s target audience consisted of test cells with census-representative distribution of:

  • Females 25-55,
  • High Household Income of $75K+


8% higher emotional response score for the winning sound track

Over $1,500 in cost savings and countless hours of debate eliminated

73% increase in overall engagement across key demographics

Client Photo

We saved time and money, by finding audio that was tailored to fit the preferences of our very specific target audience. Now we’re using Veritonic to analyze all our music.

— Vicki Isip
VP of Marketing

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