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The first scoring standard for audio creative.
Fast insight that grows your business.

Veritonic Audio Score

The Veritonic Audio Score is the first rating standard for audio creative.

The Score makes it easy for you to understand the overall value of a particular asset (audio ad, voiceover, sonic brand element, music, script and more) and easily compare it to others in the market.

That easy-to-understand guidance empowers you to make more informed decisions about how to optimize audio creative — in less time — and ensure that it resonates most effectively with customers.

Veritonic Audio Score

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What’s in a Score? A lot.

Smarter, deeper insights.

The Veritonic platform has been ingesting a wide range of audio data for over four years. Now, we’ve made ratings even more comprehensive and meaningful, by evolving our methodology to incorporate more data points and, with Machine Listening and Learning, producing smarter insights.

Each audio file’s Veritonic Audio Score builds in its individual measure for:

  • Emotional Resonance
  • Memorability (Recall)
  • Purchase Intent
  • Engagement

Most importantly, context is now incorporated into every metric, making it easier for you to compare an audio asset’s relative power to achieve your goal.

Better perspective with multi-dimensional benchmarks.

Since each creative is tagged for a range of characteristics, you can weigh assets against numerous benchmarks — from industry sector to competitive set — for a practical sense of their relative value.

Compare assets:

  • By industry/sector
  • Across your own assets
  • Against competitors
  • By voice gender
  • By channel, and much more

Clear guidance with second-by-second engagement analysis.

Which part of an audio creative moves audiences the most? Now you can see it across each second of an audio file (in addition to spikes and drops across the track), understand what works, and optimize with confidence.

Clear guidance with second-by-second engagement analysis

Making audio creative better overall.

A scoring system for audio creative also promotes the development of higher-quality creative across the market. How? By providing a simple standard against which businesses measure their own assets, and detail on why they succeed or not, the Veritonic Audio Score is both the impetus and framework to improve.

This is especially critical in an era in which creative often takes a backseat to technology and efficiency (AI, programmatic, ASMR, etc.). If creative drives nearly 50% of marketing effectiveness — more than targeting, reach and frequency combined — then having a system to ensure that audio creative is as great as it can be is critical.

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