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Advertising Week Europe

From podcasts, to sonic branding, streaming to smart speakers, audio has been, and continues to be, one of the best ways to establish lifelong, loyal customers. With the sector continuing to grow and the massive opportunity for marketers now firmly established, what can they do now to bring order to the chaos and ensure they don't squander the opportunity? How are brands using sound to connect to their audiences in new and exciting ways?

Panel/Presentation: Making Sonic Waves

Including: Scott Simonelli, VERITONIC; Clare Chapman, ESSENCE; Katie Bowden, GLOBAL; Lucinda Southern, DIGIDAY

 September 15, 2020  3:45 PM  London

Connecting with Voters In a Crisis: Digital and Audio Options for Messaging Effectively Amid COVID-19

Past Event

Join the conversation as we look at combining audio technologies and targeted media to deliver campaign messaging that motivates voters. We'll discuss how audio enables agile response to rapidly evolving conditions and a nation hungry for authentic communication.

Panel/Presentation: Connecting with Voters In a Crisis

Including: Damian Scragg, Veritonic; William Agush, Adsonica; Shane D'Aprile, Campaigns & Elections; Jeanna Isham, Dreamr Productions; Wayne Page

 April 22, 2020  11:00AM  Virtual

Future of Audio (Virtual Event)

Past Event

When it comes to the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, repercussions across the ad world are arguably some of the most visible...and audible. Knowing that now is not really the time for a hard sell, advertisers around the globe are modifying their messaging and creating new campaigns that are about helping, which means, of course, they’re also about branding. Spots range from simple “we’re here for you” sentiments to descriptions of programs built to provide aid. While the strategy is clearly important and logical, how is the public really reacting to these spots? Which are hitting the right notes of authenticity, trust, positivity, and more? In this examination of the new world of messaging in audio, Veritonic GM of international Damian Scragg presents new data that puts evidence behind the supposition that is currently permeating the market.

Panel/Presentation: How is the public responding to the new era of audio ads? Look at the data.

Including: Damian Scragg, Veritonic

 April 16, 2020  12:00PM  Virtual

EGTA's Marketing Intelligence Meeting

Past Event

Evaluating the effectiveness of audio creative, including voice, sonic brand elements, copy, and music - in streaming and radio ads, podcasts, smart speaker applications, and more.

Panel/Presentation: Damian Scragg

 January 30, 2020  12:00PM  Paris, France

RAIN Summit Europe

Past Event

Digital audio advertising is increasingly on the agency radar as new consumer listening habits become better known. What are advertiser and brand expectations of campaign planning, implementation, and attribution? How can podcasting claim a share of agency budgets? The RAIN Digital Agency Roundtable brings together top agency and industry executives to deep-dive into data, targeting, performance indicators, and more.

Panel/Presentation: The RAIN Digital Agency Roundtable

Including: Damian Scragg, Veritonic; Sam Crowther, A Million Ads; Howard Bareham, Trisonic; Chevy Wall, Radioworks; John Rosso, Triton Digital

 November 13, 2019  2:50PM  London, UK

Future of Audio - London

Past Event

As audio advertising increasingly uses more data and information about the consumer, this panel discusses how it is driving greater creativity across all forms of audio and how to increase effective engagement with the listening audience.

Panel/Presentation: Leveraging Audio to Create the Most Effective Sound

Including: Max De Lucia, DLMDD; Damian Scragg, Veritonic; more to come!

 October 16, 2019  London, U.K.

Advertising Week NY

Past Event

Panel/Presentation: Full-Flight Ad Optimization -- Start with the Best Ad Creative

Including: Scott Simonelli, Veritonic

 September 26, 2019  4:20 PM  New York City

Radio Show

Past Event

Panel/Presentation: Why You Need a Sonic Brand Now and How to Get One

Including: Pierre Bouvard, Westwood One; Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media; Scott Klass, Veritonic; Stacey Schulman, Katz Media Group

 September 24, 2019  2:00 PM  Dallas, TX

Podcast Movement

Past Event

Panel/Presentation: Elevate Your Podcast Strategy

Including: Erica Osher, NPR; Scott Simonelli, Veritonic

 August 14, 2019  11:30 AM  Orlando, Florida

Voice Summit: The World's Largest Voice Event

Past Event

Panel/Presentation: Sonic Branding: The Sound of Success

Including: Audrey Arbeeny, Audiobrain; Emily Binder, Beetle Moment Marketing; Scott Simonelli, Veritonic; Maikel Van der Wouden, Voice Branding

 July 25, 2019  1:00 PM  Newark, NJ

International Radio Summit Canadian Music Week

Past Event

Panel/Presentation: Power Of The Audio Signature: Create a Strong Radio (Audio) Brand with Imaging

Including: Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media; Scott Simonelli, Veritonic; Adam Burgess, Imaging Blueprint Ltd & Contraband Media; Chris Nicoll, IMGR UK; Ron Tarrant, ReelWorld Productions; Tammy Cole, CFNY-FM (102.1 The Edge)

 May 09, 2019  3:00PM  Toronto


Past Event

Panel/Presentation: Does Highly-Awarded Audio Creative Sell?

Including: Pierre Bouvard, Westwood One; Scott Simonelli, Veritonic; Chris Smith, The Richards Group

 April 16, 2019  3:00 PM  Jersey City

Advertising Week EU

Past Event

Panel/Presentation: The Sonic Truth: Brand Building in the Audio Renaissance

Including: Scott Simonelli, Veritonic; Simon Valcarcel, O2; David Horowitz, Mekanism; John-Paul Hughes, Communicorp UK

 March 21, 2019  11:45AM  London

Advertising Week EU

Past Event

Panel/Presentation: The Power of Audio

Including: Lucinda Southern, Digiday; Oli Walters, audioBoom; Paul Sylvester, Bauer Media; Scott Klass, Veritonic

 March 21, 2019  9:15AM  London


Past Event

Panel/Presentation: Innovation and Connection at the Speed of Sound

Including: Ted Florea, Forsman & Bodenfors; Lauren Nagel, Pandora; Jessica Peltz-Zatulove, MDC Ventures; Scott Simonelli, Veritonic

 March 14, 2019  11:00AM  Austin

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